Dissents Of The Day


Dan Savage, writing from the Starbucks capital of the world, attacks the petite scone I've praised so lavishly:

I like petite vanilla pastries just as much as the next effete urban elitist. And I’ve tried these “scones” from Starbucksin South Carolina, in Chicago, and in Seattle (at the airport). And those petite vanilla scones utterly flavorless, the icing is chalky, and the edges are neither crispy nor crusty. They taste like lightly sweetened Play-Doh. They are wholly without merit.

A reader adds:

You're crazy.  Nothing is better than the Starbucks toffee almond bar.  I dislike coffee and would never have a reason to ever go into a Starbucks if it wasn't for the toffee almond.  To even suggest that something like a petite scone could compete with it is heresy.

I'm grateful for Dan for providing a Proustian edge to my petite scone fetish. Play-Doh! Mmmmm.