Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Count me among the folks who take the President's views on foreign policy seriously.

I believe - and have for some time - that the struggle we face is as much between those of us who believe that there is evil in the world and it cannot - will not - go away with appeasement and those who believe that if we can just find the right words that those who hate us will all of a sudden change their ways OR of we just leave them alone "they" will leave us alone.

President Bush is a good man who has tried to do what he thought was best for the country without regard to the political costs.  Calling him a war criminal is an easy and unfortunately popular thing to do these days - but the real debate needs to be over what do we do to both protect ourselves and our allies and gain the kind of rights to which we believe all men and women are entitled in the Islamic world.

A religion that permits - indeed requires  - the murder of gays and women who go against the principles of a barbaric code is not a religion and it is time we all deal with this "elephant in the room."