Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

You wrote:

"Clinton was the PC; Obama was a Mac."

No, No, No! Obama is more akin to Open Source, Linux, iGoogle, network PC, napster, limewire....

Mac is a double dip into the corporate world's lock on hardware and software. Hillary is definitely a Mac, she takes care of everything, makes fun of the other guy (probably McCain, currently Obama), but her jokes rely on ignorance more than fact. In the Mac world you move from hardware gadget to hardware gadget, or with Hillary, from slogan to slogan, each replacing the last next best thing.

In Open Source, you expand, improve, shine, polish, integrate, mashup, a well designed soft product. The software runs on PCs and Macs, on Big Iron Sun and IBM mainframes, stitched together into a massively parallel supercomputer... all wired together.