Dissent Of A Democrat

A reader writes:

As a liberal regular reader who has grown to know and love you (in the online sense of the word), your Obama/Clinton article makes me wonder if you have lost your marbles. It is no wonder that you are fixated on death lately.

There are two obvious choices for Obama's VP slot- Richardson and Edwards. Richardson boosts the West, and Edwards could swing Virginia and possibly North Carolina. Clinton on the ticket changes nothing, and kills the Democrats down-ticket. Perhaps that is what you are hoping for, in your moderate sub-conscious, that while you want Obama, you fear Obama with a Dem super-majority.

I am a registered Dem, so I will vote for whoever is the nominee, but an Obama/Clinton ticket is damn close to an oxymoron. You must know that, right?

I can't say I want an Obama-Clinton ticket; I don't. But I felt it worth airing how it could work, if Obama is left no other option.