Dear Mr Levin

Obama did too campaign in Kentucky. A reader writes:

As a Louisvillian that was at Obama's rally the Sunday before last, I'll be happy to inform Mark Levin that we had 8,000 people show up at the convention center where the rally took place and they had to turn away an additional 2,000 people outside. I got there an hour early and got sent to the overflow area inside because they'd filled the original space that was set up for the rally.

I took my 60 something mother and she was expecting a largely African-American crowd, thanks to the Clintons' attempt to paint Obama as nothing more than a minority candidate and the MSM's negligent failure to call them out for this ruse. Thankfully, I'd say the crowd was almost perfectly representative of the population of Louisville and my mother's perception of this phenomenon was changed.  A diversity of ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, a richness that is America and that only he can bring together this year.

And that sea of white faces in Oregon? Just keep playing Jeremiah Wright tapes. Levin is a modern conservative. They create reality, remember?