Conservatism Re-Framed

I found this piece by Alex Castellanos surprisingly cogent:

That is Barack Obama’s opportunity, as it is ours. If Obama seizes it, wins the election, and transforms Washington moving government to the thriving, innovative, problem-solving private sector from the decaying, old, industrial public sector he and his party can snatch the future and govern America for the next 25 years. Conservatives may want to get there first.

Conservatives do have solutions. Our answer is not “no government”; our answer is a government that is more natural. Choice and diversity, if entrusted to people, require and create economic freedom. Conservatives need to learn the language of the environmental and civil-rights movements, not only because it is more marketable, but also because it more accurately reflects the organic liberty and self-government we cherish.

When you ask yourself which campaigns have best displayed bottom-up, organic. self-empowerd politics, two stand out: Barack Obama's and Ron Paul's.