Bookdeals From Yo Mama

Postcards From Yo Mama, a blog of real-life e-mails and IM conversations from mothers, is the latest niche blog to snag a book deal. Some recent ones:

I was in the car listening to the radio, and who is this “shorty” they keep talking about in rap songs?

Just wanted to say hi.  I know you’re probably busy getting caught up at work after last week.  I hope you enjoyed the plays.  Did you get the movie I sent you?  Today is our 31st anniversary.  We are eating leftovers for dinner, and I was bit by a dog this morning.  I’m not foaming at the mouth, so far.  The fun never ends.  Love, Mom

I love you. I will pray for you. Be sure and take some kind of i.d. so if your plane crashes and burns they will know who to call. Hope you do that on all your trips anyway. That way if I don't get a dreadful call, I will know you are just fine and happy.

Margaret Cho's voicemails remain the gold standard.