Another Email From Indiana

This one not so encouraging:

I went to the polls to vote today in a blue collar suburb in the Chicago media market, and what I saw afterward wasn't pretty.  My mom and I got done pushing the button for Obama and decided to go to a Main Street diner for breakfast before reporting late to work.  What did I hear?  The following, utterly depressing "Quotes for the Day":  "If he's the nominee, you know his running mate will be Farrakhan."  "I had no problem with him until I found out he was a Muslim."
I'm a pretty easygoing guy, and I often avoid confrontation like the plague, but that last one sent me straight out of my comfort zone. From my booth across the dining room, I piped up and objected, saying that he wasn't a Muslim, that it was an email smear, and blatantly untrue.  I was prepared to deflect any bullshit defenses hurled my way.  But I never got one.  What I got in response was depressing (but expected) in its illogic:  "Well, I can't take that chance."

That's what Clinton and Rove are counting on.