1974 All Over Again?

Krikorian despairs after Mississippi. Quinnipiac shows both Obama and Clinton beating McCain easily. Obama-scares in the Deep South went nowhere, as Larison explains:

The public mood is so bad and so hostile to the national GOP that drawing direct connections between their candidate and the national party, as they did constantly, seems to have done more to doom Davis’ chances than help them.  The ham-fisted attempt to link Childers to Obama (”Childers said nothing!”) gave off the scent of desperation, and rural Mississippians in the district who were already inclined to vote for one of their own against a ridiculous-looking suburban mayor weren’t buying it.

Powerline concedes:

The Republican nominee, whether we feel comfortable about it or not, isn't necessarily seen as intimately associated with the Republican brand. Even so, I think that Republican nominee is running uphill.

What does this say about what Bush and Rove and Cheney have done to the brand? What does it say about those conservatives who cheered them on? But no worries: all of them are where they were, pretending they had nothing to do with it.