The Big Screen

By Patrick

Peter Suderman, filling in for Megan, wonders if luxury movie theaters can revive the business:

Right now, the biggest audience for films is suburban/exurban teenagers kids who can't go to bars, but still need and want to get out of the house. Consequently, that's the demographic at which the largest portion of studio movies are aimed. Are that many adults really going to want to pay $35 the cost of a ticket at one of these high end theaters plus food, parking, babysitter, etc. to see the new Harry Potter film, or even, say, bland romantic comedies like Fool's Gold? No matter how nice the theater is, I kind of doubt it.

That's not to say the business model is all wrong; I think it's a good start. But anyone investing in a theater like this should also think seriously about partnering with filmmakers to produce films that will appeal to the same affluent, adult demographic.