John Bolton And The Gays

He's addressing the Log Cabin Republicans this weekend. Bolton has long been a libertarian type on social issues, while being a rogue unilateralist abroad. But the debate about Iraq and about strategy in the war on terror is a separate issue than knowing where one stands on Islamist extremism or on social issues.

I've become a severe critic of the Iraq war and Bush's overall strategy. But I have not for a second lessened my loathing of Islamism or of theocracy in general. The debate is so polarized that those of us in the anti-Bush-Cheney camp can sometimes be lumped altogether. But there are big differences. I've become much more leery of unilateralism, pre-emption, and occupation as effective tools in the war against Islamism. But that's not because I want to surrender or have gone soft. It's because I want to win; and I don't think our recent strategy has been the right one. I also don't believe you counter terror with torture or fear with more fear. We can do better. And we can learn from mistakes.

The enemy is still real; and in its extreme forms must be defeated, not engaged. And gays, of all people, need to understand that.