Michael Goldfarb on the debate:

William Ayers, Rev. Wright, flag pin, patriotism, bittergate...and almost no health care. It's been very entertaining. And when it turned to Israel, Obama gave an atrociously vague and willy nilly answer. Of course he can't guarantee a nuclear response, but he could have, like Hillary, invoked the phrase 'massive retaliation.' He was struggling to parse the language, but who's going to hold it against him if he gets a little carried away talking about what he'd do if Iran nuked Israel. If Obama can overcome his terrible performance tonight, then there's nothing that can stop him. Because after the blowback from the left tomorrow, no debate moderator will ever dare to go after him like this again. Wiilliam Ayers? If the Factor had moderated the debate I don't think he would have gone there.

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