Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I don't know how you know that Bill Kristol doesn't really believe Obama is a commie since you have to take Bill's word for it just as you take Barack's word that he is a Christian.  I firmly believe that Obama is a typical Ivy League atheist who plays at Christianity in a cynical way to get elected to public office.  I don't believe he is a communist - I suspect he is - but it has not formed into a full belief yet.  Let him speak extemporaneously for the next two weeks leading up to my neighboring state, Indiana, and things may crystallize.

Go Hillary!

The merging of the memes of the far right and the Clinton campaign is one of the most remarkable aspects of this campaign. I can actually envisage Pat Buchanan endorsing Clinton against McCain this fall. Anything to stop the black commie elitist. And it turns out that many Clinton Democrats now echo Buchanan! If you live long enough ...