Disown Me Now!

A reader writes:

I saw your post about the flier that is running connecting Ayers to Obama.  Wow. Ayers only contributed $200 to Obama's campaign?  I'm WAY more connected to Obama.  In fact I've:

  • Contributed more than $200 to his campaign
  • Ran registration at a convention he attended and spoke at
  • Ate dinner in the same restaurant as him, and at one point, was within 10 feet of him
  • I'm a member of several Obama related facebook groups

So I think Obama should probably repudiate me now and avoid the rush.

Me too. I've been in the same room as Obama and have spoken with him on the phone. I support the flat tax, oppose affirmative action, want social security means-tested, published "The Bell Curve", helped kill off Clinton's healthcare plan in the 1990s, favored the Iraq war, and endorsed Bush in 2000.