He accepts no criticism of his appalling performance as valid. Questions about lapel-pins are about

"experience, character [and] credibility."

How exactly is a lapel pin about any of those things? And if that is the standard, and no journalist can make an independent judgment about its merits, why would Joe McCarthy not be a relevant guide for the kind of questions that should be asked? Why have they not repeatedly asked if Obama is a secret Hamas-supporter? Or an al Qaeda supporter? Why have they not asked if his mom was a commie? Why have they not asked if Obama supported the domestic terrorism of the Weather Underground? Why have they not asked if Obama is actually a patriot ... oh, wait, they did ask that.

But of course there are no rules for this - and that's a good thing. It's a free country and ABC News can ask what they want. In the end, the voters will decide if ABC News' agenda is what they want to vote on. Next Tuesday, we'll find out.

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