Yglesias Award Nominee

"I understand how naive it is to read a presidential candidate'™s speech as if it were anything except political positioning, but that leads me to my final point: Itâ™s about time that people who disagree with Obamaâ™s politics recognize that he is genuinely different. When he talks, he sounds like a real human being, not a politician. I'm not referring to the speechifying, but to the way he comes across all the time. Weâ™ve had lots of charming politicians. I cannot think of another politician in my lifetime who conveys so much sense of talking to individuals, and talking to them in ways that he sees as one side of a dialogue. Conservatives who insist that heâ™s nothing but an even slicker Bill Clinton are missing a reality about him, and at their peril," - Charles Murray.

Charles cannot vote for Obama on substantive policy grounds. I completely respect that. I have always noted that Obama is much more liberal than I am. But, frankly, after what Bush has done to limited government conservatism and fiscal responsibility, I find it hard to give much lee-way to Republicans (I do not include Murray) who are now suddenly shocked - shocked - that a Democrat supports government as a solution to certain problems. Where have they been these last eight years as Republicans legitimized such liberal nostrums, and even declared that they were the only moral positions to take on many issues? At least Obama proposes taxing rather than borrowing to fund big government. And, McCain, as I need not remind many conservatives, also has a great fondness for government action. As for Ramesh Ponnuru's absurd notion that Charles has not exhibited charity to his critics, I see no evidence for it whatever.