What Samantha Should Have Said

If you apologize to monsters like the Clintons, they just go in for the kill more. Once you blink in a war with them, it's over. A reader suggests an alternative Power statement:

"Obviously, I am deeply sorry for calling a career public servant like Senator Clinton a name.  It was disrespectful and downright immature.  But it wasn't untruthful.  Listen, a lot of people including myself have devoted immense time and energy to the Obama campaign because we firmly believe that a different kind of politics is possible.  And Obama's lead in victories, delegates and votes makes us hope that this time, this year, after all of the swiftboating, that the old negative tactics aren't going to win the day. So when Clinton runs fearmongering ads about sleeping children and when her husband dismisses Obama as a merely black candidate, when Senator Clinton herself says that John McCain is more qualified to be commander-in-chief than her Democratic opponent  ... it just seems monstrous to me. 

And that sort of behavior is monstrous, it's a sickness of our political system, one that we desperately hope to cure through our efforts in this election. Perhaps these despicable tactics will, once again, win the day, and perhaps I have contributed to their victory with my regrettable outburst.   But that doesn't make them any less deplorable."