Tibet From China

Fallows reports from inside China:

The propagandists black out news coverage and blame every problem in Tibet on what they call (when they speak in English) "hooligans" from "the Dalai clique." Most people in China assume that Tibet, like Taiwan, Inner Mongolia, or the Muslim Xinjiang region of the northwest, is an integral and inalienable part of its territory. That's all they have ever heard from the media and in the schools. The threat of regional "splittism" raised by riots in Tibet is in this view a true threat to national security.

Thus conditions are set for the next stage of tragedy in Tibet, as Monday's deadline for the end of protest draws near. The government is conditioned to be tough -- and to have the support of its public, and not to care about objections from overseas. It has to care more, in this year of the Olympics. Soon we'll see how much that tempers the policy.