The Worst Scenario For Democrats

A reader writes:

I'm an Obama supporter, but I'm not a Kool-Aid drinker. The trendlines are pretty clearly pointing towards Clinton winning OH by 8-10 points, RI by a similar margin, with Obama winning VT by about 15-20.

It's also pretty clear that Obama is at best tied with Clinton in TX, but losing ground fast.  Of course, he'll probably win the caucus tonight and may come away with more delegates out of that state--due to its allocation of delegates to districts.

So, Clinton will get a decisive win in OH and a popular vote win in TX.

And she may walk away with a net +18 in delegates, best case scenario.

To put things in perspective, Obama got +18 from Wisconsin and Hawaii.

So, Clinton will likely win the media spin tonight at the expense of a month's worth of drubbings and an insurmountable delegate deficit.

She'll have a justification for staying in, but no path to the nomination.

If I were a partisan Republican, I'd be very, very happy.