The View From Rhode Island

A reader writes:

The conventional wisdom is that Rhode Island will be a clean sweep for Hillary. I tended to agree until yesterday.

My girlfriend and I took a spin down to Rhode Island College yesterday for the Barack Obama rally. Unfortunately, we were unable to get into the main rally inside the gymnasium (capacity: 5000), and were relegated to the overflow crowd. The overflow crowd also numbered around 5000, and we waited in the cold and rain for over 3 hours to see Obama. He spoke to us first, and gave a very abbreviated version of  his stump speech.

10,000 people came to his rally. In comparison, Hillary Clinton drew 2000 (This is the same venue where she invoked "celestial choirs" in order to mock Obama's inspirational message). There are very few times that I have seen this many Rhode Islanders show up for something (the annual airshow and Waterfire being the only other events that come to mind). The crowd was very diverse, while in line I spoke to or observed a whole bunch of vastly different people: Black, White, Hispanic, Pakistani. Working class, Middle class and Upper class. Single, Married and parents toting children - young and old. I noted people sporting sweatshirts and jackets from Brown university, R.I. college and the local community college. Catholic (mostly) and protestant. Freemasons, Hippies, Punks, Yuppies, Soccer Moms and Anti-war activists. I even ran into some Ron Paul supporters, anti-illegal immigration activists and 911 truthers.

I noted many comments about how poorly Hillary Clinton's campaign has been run.