The View From Abroad

A reader writes:

A cold night in Venice.  We found ourselves in an empty campo, and a warm restaurant.  The staff welcomed us with humor and grace -- both important as we arrived with a sleeping four year old in a stroller. Our waiter, Salvatore, asked us where we were from, and the moment he learned we were from America, he asked, "So.  Are you voting for Obama?" We told him we were, and he replied, "Good.  I like a woman president, but not this one.  Bush, Clinton, the president should not be a family business. It's time for something new."

We talked about this in the campo after, and how it confirmed our own hopes.  That Obama's election will confer blessings on our country beyond the obvious.

It's a small thing, I know. But it was nice to be far from all the scorched earth and kitchen sinks and find ourselves able, if only for a moment, to consider the opportunity his candidacy affords us.