The Tax Return Mystery

The Clintons' inexplicable refusal to be transparent until after the votes are in prompts this reader's speculation:

I can think of several non-scandalous reasons the Clinton's don't want their tax return out:

1. Their gross income is obscene, in the eyes of their key demographic, lunch pail Democrats.  Remember how the Kerrys were portrayed in the media as rich and out of touch despite his modest income as a Senator.

2. Their marginal tax rate was relatively low due to the use of creative tax shelters (e.g. Clinton Family Foundation).

and several scandalous:

1- Bill's income from foreigners in unfriendly nations (Kazakhstan, China, Saudi Arabia don't have sister cities with Scranton and Harrisburg);

2- Income from sweetheart stock deals;

3- Income from large contributors, raising stories of influence peddling, especially when the national press starts linking it to her earmarks.

The notion that the Clintons have been vetted is one of the more preposterous of the campaign.