The Speech and The Dish

A reader writes:

I can't help but notice the effect Obama''s race speech had on the Daily Dish. Before the speech, your blog was mostly filled with anti-Clinton posts. They were so many that even I, a pro-Obama anti-Clinton reader, was getting annoyed at the negativity and vitriol that filled the dish.

Since the speech, you have returned to posting mostly about
a)  the positive aspects of Obama's candidacy
b)  a substantive debate and reflection about the issue of race

If this doesn't sum up the difference between the two candidates, I don't know what does.

He brings out the best in a lot of us, doesn't he? In the end, that's my definition of leadership - not what he does, "the decider" - but what he inspires others to do, "the catalyst." I think this difference would be the defining distinction between a Clinton and an Obama presidency and it was what I was trying to express in Goodbye To All That. How great it would be to have a president with whom we could intelligently engage and from whom we could learn civility again. I think it's already happening.