The Netroots Shift

You can sense a change in the left-liberal blogosphere. They have now become quite virulently anti-Clinton. As often, Kos leads the pack. Part of me wonders whether the Clintons understand this. They don't care much for the netroots, to put it mildly, and the large influx of new Obama voters and new small Obama donors into the Democratic party is terribly threatening to them.

So it's win-win for them by going comprehensively negative on Obama. If they can throw enough dirt and fear in his direction, they could either win the nomination (by peeling off enough white ethnics and then talking the super-delegates into switching), or help McCain defeat Obama in the fall. Then they get bragging rights (we told you a black man couldn't win), assume that McCain is a one-term president, and gear up for a second attempt at restoration in 2012, having consigned the Obama insurrection to history.