The Looming Spin War

Crowley is surely right: what will matter this week, more than the results tonight, will be the attempt to frame them in the coming days. The Clintons will have their work cut out:

I assume we're going to see a ferocious push by the Obama campaign to create a climate of opinion that demands Hillary's exit. This hint that he's about to unveil 50 more superdelegate endorsements is a preview. So is the fact that Obama has waited to release his February fundraising haul, which is expected to top an astonishing $50 million. Party leaders and liberal pundits are going to start hammering on Hillary to get out.

What's not clear to me is whether her campaign has a persuasive counter argument.

In a strange way, the recent Clinton boomlet could backfire. If she fails to meet expectations, the math - and the interests of the Democrats as a whole - could crush her.