The Kitchen Sink

The Clintons clearly hurt Obama in the last few days, as I feared. But the barrage of negative ads and fear-mongering will also be used by the GOP against Obama in the fall. So it's fair game, I suppose. And, however depressing it is, the Clintons have helped unearth those white voters who simply won't vote for a black man. The Clintons' argument for the super-delegates will almost certainly be that if Obama can't win white working class voters in Ohio, he can't win the general. This is the classic Clinton position. They will tell the Democrats that America is just too racist for Obama, and that fear is always a surer bet than hope. That's what they believe and have always believed. And it is what they will never challenge.

Obama challenges both ideas: he is running to transcend race and to overcome fear. It was never going to be easy. But at least he is trying. Clinton never will. What's in it for her, after all?