The Ignorance Of The Right

It's pretty staggering to read the Corner today and find the following admissions:

I don't see any problem with Barack Obama admitting that part of his appeal is the hope that he might help mend the racial divide and turn a new page. But he could also say that he's not running for the President of Black America but of all America and that his qualifications involve more than his skin color. He's more than eloquent enough to make that case.

Hello? Anyone home? Has Jonah read Obama's books? Or even a basic profile of the guy? He tries to rescue himself (and fails) in a p.s.:

The point I was getting at is that it would be fine to make that point while also making the point that having a black president would amount to progress for America. It doesn't need to be either or.

But this is exactly what Obama has been saying in public and out loud for months and months and months.  It must be nice knowing what side you're on without ever even bothering to find out the most basic facts about your opponent's message. Then here's torture maven Andy McCarthy:

Did you know, for example, that the Reverand [sic] is the inspiration for Obama's memoir The Audacity of Hope the title is evidently taken from a Wright sermon called "Audacity to Hope." (I didn't until I heard Rush mention it a few minutes ago.)

Again: where has he been for the past year? And "under a rock" is too easy an answer.