The Damage Done

A reader writes:

I was in a good mood as I walked to the subway this morning -- it was sunny out and I was enjoying my coffee.  As I crossed the street I past a woman wearing a "Hillary" cap, and I became overwhelmed with anger.  I caught myself, and felt stunned and ashamed by what I had just experienced.   This morning I realized my opinions on how much damage would be left in the wake of Hillary's march to the White House were no longer the product of some abstract political conversation I was having in my head.  No, I too was going to be one of those Americans torn apart by the Clintons' divisive and dishonest brand of politics.  What other conclusion could I draw when a baseball cap (and not even a Yankees cap) can fill me with irrational rage towards a middle aged woman who looked like everyone's favorite 1st grade teacher.

One small moment: I was leaving the theater last night and two twentysomething Obama volunteers grabbed me to praise the blog. At the same time, a handsome young man on a date turned around on the sidewalk and told me to go easier on Clinton. Three minutes later, as he drove by in his car, he yelled "Your blog sucks." Emotions are high. They may get higher.