That NPR Interview

The in-tray is full of readers who just can't believe it:

I just listened to that NPR interview you linked earlier. Holy shit was it infuriating.

I think the thing I hate the most about Clinton/Bush style politics is that it completely disables the press. It was obvious that Inskeep thought she was full of shit, but what can he do? Her answers were divorced from reality, but in a way that makes them sound reasonable. The only word that comes to mind is "double-speak." Either Inskeep can accept the rhetorical landscape that she presents, or he can call her a liar. Either way he's screwed. If he plays by her terms, she wins. If he calls her a liar, she plays the victim card, rails about the biased media, and wins. Trying to merely challenge her assertions in an intellectual way is bound to fail as well, because she'll just spit out more double-speak, putting the interviewer back at square one.

If all Obama accomplishes as President is to cripple this kind of politics, I will consider him a resounding success. Oh, and congratulations, Senator Clinton. You and your husband now share mental space in my head with George W. Bush. Yes you can destroy my good will for you and your husband. And I'm sure you are ready on day one to make me want to tear my fucking hair out.

I wonder if the Clintons understand what they are doing to people - people who weren't Clinton-haters in the first place, people whose votes they need.