Seriously, Guys

A reader writes:

I’m seriously sick-and-tired of hearing that “no serious person takes the get out argument seriously.”

The very hallmark of Iraq is the unseriousness with which the “serious” have approached literally every aspect of the fiasco.  You note we sent too few troops “to prevent the disintegration of Iraq.”  Heck, Andrew, we failed to send enough troops to secure the weapons Saddam DID have much less the WMDs he didn’t have.

Along with that was the unseriousness with which we were promised that the entire effort would cost $60 billion and be paid back by Iraqi oil, and that we could afford to cut taxes during wartime for the first time in American history.  This ensured that the trillion-plus cost of our fiasco would be handed off to the same generation that’s inheriting our Social Security and Medicare D bills.

It takes a manifestly unserious person to declare that we must wreck our military in order to keep America safe, and bankrupt our nation in order to keep America strong.

So let me throw down the gantlet to all the “serious persons” out there.  How do you propose rebuilding our armed forces to sustain a long-term commitment in Iraq and still defend our shores?  How do you propose paying for your military rebuilding and occupation prescription?

When they propose raising taxes and instituting a draft, we'll know who's really serious.