Scales. Eyes. Clintons.

A reader writes:

It occurred to me this morning that the Clintons have always excused their ways on the notion that they are constantly at battle with the "vast right-wing conspiracy."  It certainly seems after the past few months that excuse is out the window. 

I now clearly see the wizard behind the curtain: it's the Clintons.

Before this primary process I am embarassed to say that I bought into all their stuff about the right wing always being after them and how that caused them to have to be always on the defense and in fight mode, not to the extreme that they presented it but I did believe it. I loved Bill Clinton and was open to Mrs. Clinton because of him, mostly. I had nothing against Senator Clinton personally before the primaries started I just didn't think she had rights to a lot of the experience she was claiming, and I still don't.   

Now, I am completely disgusted by what I know about them and can't believe I couldn't see through all this before.  When I get frustrated by the people who still seem to want them back I have to be honest in that I was fooled for a long time.  But I woke up when I saw that they employ the same tactics - when there is no "right wing" involved - against someone who at a minimum is a dream presidential candidate calling for hope.

They don't know what else to do.