Release The Tax Returns!

I'm going to keep making this very basic point until Senators Clinton and McCain provide the same transparency as Obama. It's particularly important with the Clintons, whose massive increase in wealth in the last few years and past financial shenanigans demand a process of real vetting - a process they are unaccountably resisting. And not a few days before the next critical primary. Now. We need time to ask all the right questions and for the press to do its job. The returns are available unless they weren't filed.

So where are they? And when will the press do its job and demand either the returns or a half-way credible account of why they're being withheld? So far, the Clintons are stalling and doing their usual wagon-circling. Anyone who remembers the 1990s knows this is not a good sign. I think they're hoping that Obama will be destroyed and then they can blame the Republicans for re-booting Ken Starr.