Quotes For The Day

"He almost seemed to celebrate,
The bodies fell,
His shoulders swayed..."

- Stanley Kurtz, apparently accusing Jeremiah Wright of "almost seeming" to celebrate the Islamist massacre of 9/11.

"Now I asked the Lord, what should our response be in light of such an unthinkable act ... I was stuck in Newark, New Jersey. No flights were leaving La Guardia, JFK, or Newark Airport.  On the day that the FAA opened up the airports to bring into the destinations of cities those flights that had been diverted because of the hijacking, a scare in New York close all three regional airports and I couldn't even get her for Mr. Radford's father's funeral.  And I asked God, "What should our response be?

I saw pictures of the incredible. People jumping from the 110th floor; people jumping from the roof because the stair wells and elevators above the 89th floor were gone-- no more. Black people, jumping to a certain death; people holding hands jumping; people on fire jumping. And I asked the Lord, "What should our response be?" I read what the people of faith felt in 551BC. But this is a different time, this is a different enemy, a different world,  a different terror. This is a different reality," - Jeremiah Wright, on his response to the massacre, in his now infamous 9/11 sermon.

There is plenty to criticize in that sermon. But saying that Wright "almost seemed to celebrate" the agonizing, terrifying deaths of 3,000 Americans is not one of them.