Quote For The Day


Why we should not dismiss the McCain candidacy:

"The United States cannot lead by virtue of its power alone. We must be strong politically, economically and militarily. But we must also lead by attracting others to our cause, by demonstrating once again the virtues of freedom and democracy, by defending the rules of international civilized society and by creating the new international institutions necessary."

I am waiting to see how the candidates respond to shifting and currently impenetrable events in Iraq. There are no good options. To my mind, the criterion must be who can most prudently and effectively get us out of there as swiftly as possible. But that will not be easy, whoever is president. And we will owe any of them patience and support if they accord the American people candor for the first time and offer the world an acknowledgment that the darkest days of Bush-Cheney are over.

(Photo: Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) gives an address to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council March 26, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. McCain spoke on U.S. foreign policy at the breakfast event hosted by the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. By David McNew/Getty Images.)