Quote For The Day II

"Hearing self-professed conservatives like Andrew Bacevich and Douglas Kmiec talk about the potential that Obama brings to the table helps to counter-balance an all too pervasive perception about Conservatism and the state of American politics that is promoted and reinforced by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Anne Coulter. The unconventional tone of Obama's campaign finally allows some of the more level headed and intelligent proponents of the political right a chance to step around the outrageous and bitterly partisan discourse that has plagued American politics for so long and present a useful and, indeed, vital discussion about possible ways forward. There isn't another campaign out there that has contributed to this measured dialectic of views and values, which is greatly to merit, whether he in fact becomes the nominee or not, of Barack Obama, and to the benefit of Americans as a whole.

That this dialogue is starting to occur at all lends weight to what Obama may be capable of achieving in the White House, and serves to undercut many of the "empty change" allegations leveled at his campaign," - The Politics Of Scrabble.