Power, Clinton, Feminism

A reader writes:

I found out about Samantha Power when I was flipping through one of my girlfriend's girl magazines (Cosmo or Glamour or some such thing), while taking a dump at her house. She was very impressive. I wish I could remember which mag and which month is was. Anyway...

The great tragedy of "Monster"-gate is that a woman who betrayed the ideals of the feminist movement exclusively for political gain secured a political victory at the expense of a woman who only owed herself for her achievements. A few days before International Women's Day, no less. It is absurd that women can say, with a straight face, that they support Hillary Clinton because "she's a strong woman". If we couldn't before, we can now and in the future chalk this up as - exclusively - identity politics in its purest form.

Amen. And this primary is also a decisive moment in the history of identity politics. One candidate relies on it as a crutch when necessary. The other has made every possible effort to transcend it.