Obama vs Romney

One of my always perceptive readers notes:

I have just listened to it for the third time.  Damn, this is impressive.  It is the diametric opposite of the Romney speech.  Romney presented a masterpiece of political triangulation, a speech fabricated by pollsters and political consultants.  Obama spoke from the heart and spoke truly, assuming great political risk for his actions.  He spoke on the assumption that Americans were adults, that they could think for themselves, and that they were prepared to actually think about the dark problems that millions confront every day and yet can't or won't confront socially.  I watched the media coverage of this speech on several cable services and news networks.  The media flunks.  It continues to view everything through the optic of manufactured political firestorms. Indeed the media shows how thoroughly it is a part of the problem, not of the solution. 

The story of Obama and his critics truly has become a tale of the sublime and the ridiculous.  Perhaps the thing that most inspires me is that this occurs during Holy Week and Obama has woven the true message of that momentous experience into his speech, in a fashion both subtle and powerful.  (Who could fail to think of that when listening to his statement about "denying" Wright and "denying" the Black population of America?  But most importantly his message was positive, and it focused on redemption.) 

I really don't know if Obama has the right tools and experience to govern.  But one thing is increasingly clear: he has the message that this country needs to hear.