Obama And Abortion

A reader writes:

You need to seriously examine Obama's incredibly controversial stance on abortion for the election, considering the political implications it can have over galvanizing the Pro Life Community against the Pro Choice community and how it can affect the dialogue and debate in the run-up to the election.

How can Obama be somebody who "brings people together" when he blocked the Illinois BAIPA bill from even reaching the floor of the state senate (when it finally did reach the floor he voted against it twice). If he has a record of "bringing people together" for "the change we seek", surely his BAIPA stance denigrates it. This was during and after the crimes against humanitywhich Jill Stanek, an Illinois nurse, brought to national attentiontook place. It chills my blood. How can he (and his supporters like you) talk about a "new era" of American Politics, an end to the "Bush-Cheney Torture Regime", and still justify his staunch opposition to ban the practice of killing babies after they were "failed to be aborted" (in other words, "born"); all in the name for the "woman's right to choose"?

John Zmirak wrote a few days ago that seamless web pro-lifers don't have a candidate. I find Obama's absolutist position on abortion out of sync with his usual temperateness.