Malkin Award Nominee

“To those thinking about "sitting it out," or "supporting a third party" now, consider an analogy. We are facing a burning building. There is a day-care center full of children burning down and we have three options before us.

A. We have a candidate named John who will rescue most everyone in that building. He hasn't pledged that he'll get everyone out just yet, but the vast majority of those kids are going to be carried out alive with his pro-life policies and judges.

B. Or you can protest (with a third-party candidate). Pick up a sign and march because you didn't get the candidate you wanted chanting, "Rescue all the children! Rescue all the children!" while the building burns and all the children die.

C. Or you can sit it out. Don't endorse. Don't vote. And Clinton or Obama will deadbolt the fire exits and rip out the sprinklers. They will then lock arms and prevent any of us from entering the building to rescue the children inside. They will also prevent notification of parents whose children are about to be burned alive,” - Janet Folger, World Net Daily.