Hewitt On Obama

Very, very few commentators have been as wrong as Hugh Hewitt has in this campaign. This was always going to be a Rudy-Romney fight? Heh. But give him this: he has finally read Obama's first book. That's a start. And now that the GOP has a nominee, Hewitt will, as always, find a way to propagandize on his behalf, even after he has trashed, maligned, and assailed said candidate for the entire campaign so far.

But his lack of judgment is on full display with his latest post on Obama. His talking points against Obama are Clinton's brilliant themes - ideology and experience:

Barack Obama is a man of the left --the hard left, the uncompromising left.

But not so "hard left" as to add $32 trillion to the national debt and engage on a century-long nation-bulding project in the most divided "country" in the Arab Middle East. Not so "hard left" as to argue that the role of government is to act whenever anyone is "hurting." That kind of hard left politics we leave to Republicans, don't we? And inexperience:

Senator Barack is, in short, a rookie. The sort of rookie the fans love, then turn against, realizing he isn't up to the job. The sort of rookie that makes huge mistakes, which while merely disappointing on the football field, are deadly on the field of international conflict.

This from a Bush champion - arguably the rookie who made the biggest military blunder in American foreign policy  - and with far worse consequences - since the Bay of Pigs. Look: I made the same mistake. But at least I've dealt with it.