Dream Ticket Rage

A reader writes:

If I hear one more time about this Dream Ticket, I may get violent. The level of condescension and arrogance is just mind-boggling. He has 700,000 more votes, a 100-delegate lead and has won far more states, and they act as if they'd be doing the country a great service to pick him as their VP?

Do they honestly think they can steal Obama's genuine following with this naked and pathetic ploy?  Combine this with Ed Rendell saying over and over that he's not sure white Americans will vote for a black candidate -- despite the fact that it has already happened in more than half the states -- and it's impossible not to view the Clintons as utterly manipulative racists.

If I am furious about this as a white guy, I can't even IMAGINE the rage that must be felt by black Americans at the complete and utter lack of respect the Clinton's have shown for Obama and his supporters of all races.

The feeling is increasingly mutual.