Dissing Astrology Ctd.

A reader writes:

I have a problem with your reader's comment.  Astrology, as developed by the Babylonians and as practiced in the ancient and modern worlds, does NOT consider itself an irrational belief system. If you would like a nice summary of it from a rationalist point of view, I would suggest an essay of the late Isaac Asimov: "The Stars in Their Courses."  It's in an essay collection with the same title.

So your reader's argument is just plain WRONG.  Astrology argues that from the positions of the planets in the constellations and the date of one's birth etc. valid predictions can be made about future events.  To equate it with religious beliefs is nonsense.  Every religion I know anything about always admits that at bottom that it is based on faith.  Astrology did not start out that way and does not make that assertion.  I will agree with your reader that astrology IS irrational.