Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Another anti-Catholic screed by a disaffected former Catholic, whose ideas indicate that he was never well-versed in Catholic doctrine and teaching in the first place. As the preacher said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

Said former Catholic decides he no longer believes what the Church believes,

and that he won't come back until, there are "women at the altars; gays and lesbians worshipping openly with their children in the pews; and everyone gets invited to Communion"! The idea that "everyone gets invited to Communion" obviously indicates that this guy simply does not believe what the Church believes (and has always believed) about the Eucharist and Transubstantiation. Apparently we are supposed to take some great lesson from this guy's rant against the Church and see it as a call to reform of some sort, but the fact is that disaffected former Catholics are a dime a dozen, so why do you find this rant interesting? Does he think the Church will read his rant and say, "Oh dear you're right, everything the Church teaches is wrong. We should be more like you and what you want. Please come back! We'll change to suit your ideas! How could we have been so wrong for 20 centuries until you came along!" Bah - good riddance is the only sound response.

As the list above shows, this guy's fundamental problems have nothing to do with the policies of so-called reactionaries, JP II and Benedict XVI and the Bishops they've appointed, but with fundamental issues of doctrine.  His problem is not with JP II or Benedict XVI, but simply with the Church itself. This has nothing to do with being pre- or post-Vatican II - no Pope or Bishop in history would have endorsed such a view of the Eucharist as merely communal dinner to which "everyone gets invited". The same goes for this guy's horror of Bishops cleaning up the rampant liturgical abuses that have taken hold in so many US parishes. What he's really angry about is that the Church refuses to endorse liberal Protestantism!

Further, the guy's claim that Benedict XVI has never met a Post-Reformation idea he's liked is indicative of a profound ignorance of Benedict's thought and writings. Probably no Pope in history has as extensive a pre-Papal publication history as Benedict, and only the most obtuse and willfully ignorant could dismiss him as someone who has failed to engage or understand modern ideas.