Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Put this email in the dissent category if you wish, but this needs to be said.

No, I do not blame Obama for sticking with Wright. Nor do I blame you for sticking with the church. I am an agnostic at best, but I hold no contempt toward people of faith. None of us will know truly know until we meet (or not) our maker. However, I do take exception with your comment that you cannot disown. As a straight man, if the church had treated me in the same way they have treated gays, I would have walked. If I were gay, and anyone in my family told me that I would burn in hell for that, I would tell them where to get off, and that would be that. Let me also say that I have a relative who is in prison. He robbed my elderly grandmother, and his mother, and dealt drugs from the formers home. I have nor want any further relationship with him. He is, therefore, disowned. In sum, Wright never intentionally hurt Obama. But the church did and continues to hurt you. I could not, like you, continue to make peace with that.

I have not made peace with that. There is little peace to be made. But my faith says that sometimes we are it to make peace but to endure and hope tat by enduring, however inadequately and sometimes angrily and somtimes constructively, we can bear witness to something that the church will grow from. And my faith teaches forgiveness, which is not the same as exoneration. This is my home. Where else would I go?