Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I’m no Hillary supporter, but I find it hard to believe that Hillary’s current actions reflect an attempt to secure the 2012 nomination.  For one thing, if Obama were to lose to McCain, a non-trivial portion of the punditry and Dem operatives are going to lay the blame at Hillary’s feet, reducing her strength for 2012.  In fact, she may well find herself a pariah.

Second, by 2012, the Dems will have developed several new, “next generation” candidates from among the likes of Mark Warner, Jim Webb, and Evan Bayh, just to name a few obvious choices. Her handlers are too savvy to think that 2012 will be any easier than 2008, particularly with the NEW baggage she is currently acquiring via her scorched earth campaign.

In sum, I don’t see a 2012 strategy here. I see a woman who’s incredulous at finding herself in the losing position and who hasn’t shaken the assumption that the nomination is her destiny, reality and consequences be damned.