Countering The Far Right

This is, in my view, an important part of the truth about Obama:

This is not some kind of liberal revolutionary who is intent on throwing everything up in the air and starting over.

Put the primary campaign speeches aside; take a look at his policy positions on any number of issues and what strikes you is how reasonable, moderate, and thoughtful they are.

And in person, that's exactly what he's like. There's no fire in the eyes to realize some utopian or revolutionary dream. Instead, what comes across -- in both his questions and his answers -- is calmness, reason, and judgment.

It is for temperamental, rational reasons - especially in foreign policy - that conservatives should not panic. Read the whole thing. It's by Marc Andreessen, one of Netscape's founders. Bottom line:

"Smart, normal, curious, not radical, and post-Boomer. If you were asking me to write a capsule description of what I would look for in the next President of the United States, that would be it."