Clinton's Lobbyist

From CQ:

A small number of lobbyists are super insiders. They don’t just donate money to their favorite congressional causes they serve as treasurers of the lawmakers’ campaign committees. One of them is Janice Enright, a registered lobbyist who is also treasurer of HillPAC, one of the political committees of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton… Enright is the lobbying partner of Harold Ickes, a Clinton presidential campaign adviser, and they both worked in the Clinton White House. The Senate Appropriations Committee listed Clinton as having jointly requested, with Sen. Charles E. Schumer , D-N.Y., hundreds of millions of dollars that the spending law earmarks for New York projects. About $4 million of that funding went to clients of Enright and Ickes, including $292,000 designated for a United Auto Workers training program that is a part of an umbrella group, Consortium for Worker Education, that Enright represents.

(Hat tip: Ken Silverstein)