Clinton Rules, Ctd

A reader writes:

You wrote:

"I have a simple prediction. It will mean a mass flight from the process.  It will alter the political consciousness of an entire generation of young voters - against any positive interaction with the political process for the foreseeable future."

Mass flight from the process, Andrew, isn't a tactic. It's the point of her campaign. The point is not a mandate. The point is not actually governing. The point is 50% plus 1, 270 electoral votes, and the power that comes with it for its own sake. The Clinton's know how to win that fight, both in the nomination and in the general. That generation of young voters is what Rumsfeld would have called an "unknown unknown" and is inherently uncontrollable. They have no use for that at all.

The Clintons have, of course, never won 50 percent of the national popular vote - not even in 1996, for their second term against Dole.