Clinton, Obama, Iraq

Joe Klein:

So we now have a pattern. Obama's chief economic advisor (Austan Goolsbee) and a prominent foreign policy advisor (Power) have now told the truth on two important issues, trade and Iraq respectively. Their truth contradicted some of the overheated rhetoric their boss was using on the campaign trail. Hillary Clinton--whose actual positions on trade and Iraq are probably the same as Obama's advisors--has attacked Obama in both cases for saying one thing and believing another...when she is doing the exact same thing.

You'd hope for something better in a crucial election year, but hey, this is politics. For what it's worth, I score this contretemps slightly in Obama's favor: At least his advisors know the truth about these issues and are impolitic enough to be honest about it.

Oe should never under-estimate the opportunism and lck of integrity in the Clinton camp - or the risk involved in handing someone with so little public trust and so much political expediency to the presidency.