Chait On The Clintons

"When they hold three fingers in front of your face and say it's two, I don't know what to do."

Jon says he wants to hide under his bed rather than counter their pure dishonesty. I'll be candid. I got a nasty cold this week but I took to bed yesterday, mainly because I felt almost sick from covering the Clintons. They really do get under your skin, as sociopaths can. They make you want to flee all political activity; they make you want to give up; they make you realize that truth and politics need not have any connection if you have long since had your sense of shame surgically removed. Empower them with all the ugliness of Republican race-baiting and hysteria and the cumulative backlash is literally sick-making.

Which is, of course, the point. If they can nauseate an entire generation out of politics, they still have a chance at the spoils.